Custom Glass Drinking Straws

Artisan Custom Glass Drinking Straws

Our Custom Glass Drinking Straws are handmade in the pacific northwest in our home studio. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing an alternative to plastic straws in hopes for a healthier planet for our children and all future generations. Our Glass Straws are carefully inspected for the highest quality before we package them.  We make each straw with love knowing that you will be using it on a daily basis. It is a labor of love that is well worth it. Materials for our packaging are Eco-friendly and the packages themselves can be repurposed as a bookmark. We are also here to help establishments go Plastic Straw Free and offer a reusable alternative. We give establishments looking to switch away from plastic straws FREE glass straws for in-house use under our Ocean Friendly program. Glass drinking straws are an elegant, environmentally friendly way to enhance your dining experience. Plastic pollutes and contaminates our planet, food, water, and bodies! Make the switch a healthy and toxin-free life both for yourself and our planet! Get your glass drinking straw today!