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Our Markets with Urban Craft Uprising

Summer is here and the markets have started with Urban Craft Uprising.

Oh goodness Seattle!  Thank you for a great weekend once again.  We were a part of the Urban Craft Uprising part of the Seattle Street Food Festival.  All the wonderful food trucks in once place so you can try it all.  And of course one of our favorites, Soda Jerk with the Lemon Lavender drink.  We didn’t need to worry about needing a straw since we always have our Glass Straws with us.

We were in town from Saturday through Sunday.  Since the ban on plastic straws has it Seattle it was interesting to see all the different responses.  Some people still had no idea.  That had a lot to do with the fact that there were still a lot of plastic straws floating around.  So this weekend was spent not only helping people pick out the right glass straw and case for them but also talking about single use plastic pollution.

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Happy 2018!

Happy Single Use Plastic Free 2018!

Well we all hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year.  2017 was a good year but also lots of changes for us and we are excited for 2018.

The end of 2017 was a good one and awareness about plastic straw pollution has grown.  More and more people are interested in finding a plastic straw alternative and it is wonderful!  So many people are joining together and making a change.

One thing we hope to accomplish this year is to pick up more trash around the community and even organize a day where others can join us.  If others start to pick up trash and see just how many plastic straws are being found they will then start to think about it more.  We care about this planet and we know that others do too.  Sometimes we  need a little bit of help to recognize what is going on so we then can do something about it.  I too was a plastic straw user 5 years ago.  Now, I am a glass straw lover!

Plastic straws have come to be without anyone noticing them.  Paper straws used to be a thing, why not all fast food places switch to them instead? We love to work with restaurants and help them offer our glass straws as a great reusable option.  Their customers love it!  Our glass straws really add to their dining experience.




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Simple and Sweet display for Retail Stores

Looking for a way to display your Glass Straws?

Wondering how to display your glass straws?  Our packaging is made so you can hang it if you have peg board but if you don’t no worries.  Mason Jars work great!  Or any wide mouth glass jar or vase.  This store decided to add our logo onto the jars to really make it pop.  If you are in Pace, FL check out Alternative Health Food Store  

The picture above is from their store.  Great Idea!  Those are our Carrying Cases hanging underneath too.


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Fall Fest 2017

Fall Fest at Second Use Market

Fall Fest…. THANK YOU!  What a great weekend!  We don’t make it out to many markets lately and sure glad that we made it to this one.  We LOVE everyone involved.  From the coordinators to the other vendors down to all the people that come to visit.  It is amazing.  This market was great for the whole family too!

Thank you to all who came and visited our booth!  It was a pleasure to meet you and talk about single use plastic pollution and show you a great alternative for plastic straws.  This market we didn’t have too many people come over that didn’t know about how bad the plastic pollution is.  With “Strawless in Seattle” happening awareness has boomed.

It was funny because we have been doing this for over 3 years and when people would say we had perfect timing we would chuckle… More like Seattle finally had perfect timing!  We are glad to be here and to be able to offer a great alternative.

Here are a few photos from our day.

Hope you come visit us next time!! It was a blast.

Much love everyone!

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Are you ready for Plastic Free July?

Go Plastic Free for the month of July!

Just signed up to go Plastic Free for the month of July with PlasticFreeJuly.Org.  We couldn’t be more excited to be apart of something great!  We have been doing our best to have very little plastic in our lives and no single use plastics.  It is a very hard thing to do because everything in the store has plastic in one way or another.  By joining we will be saving all of our plastic that is used so we can fully see what we use and how we can adjust it.  Register here with!

We are excited and wanted to share this with you in hopes that you would like to join us and all the others.  There is so much that can be one we just have to start making simple changes.  It is the little things that add up to something huge!  We can make a difference.  Here is a link to PlasticFreeJuly.Org so you can check it out yourself and then sign up.  🙂


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Unique Stocking Stuffers-Great for the entire family


Stocking Stuffers

Are you still looking for Stocking Stuffers?  Something that is unique and special?  Looking for something handmade?  Thanksgiving is over and now Christmas is fast approaching.  We still can’t believe that the year is almost over.  It has been a great one for us and we hope that is has been for you as well.

Our Glass Straws are great Stocking Stuffers and just the ticket!  We have many styles to choose from.  Classic or Smoothie, Clear or with a Custom Accent.  Add on a Carrying Case and you can then take your straw on the go.  Say Goodbye to plastic straws when you are out.  Help reduce the 500 million plastic straws that are used daily in the US.

Our glass straws are handmade by us and inspected with love.  We have the Classic 9.5mm diameter which is great for any liquid. But we also have our Smoothie size which is 12mm diameter which is awesome for smoothies, milkshakes and any thing on the thicker side.

stocking Stuffers


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DrinkingStraws.Glass on Facebook

Find us on Facebook!

Did you know that we have a Facebook Page?  We do! DrinkingStraws.Glass that’s us  🙂  Here is our feed from our page so you can check it our from here.  Be sure to go to the page and give us a Like.


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3 months ago

This is what happens when someone puts a plastic straw in my drink after I’ve asked for “no straw please” 🌏

#saynotoplasticstraws ... See more

3 months ago

Plastic straws are just the start but we have to start somewhere! NY is ready for the change, how about YOU!?

Let’s clean up our oceans and refuse ... See more

500 million plastic straws are used in the U.S. each day, potentially ending up in our oceans — so this major city is calling for a ban on all ... See more

3 months ago

Unfortunately we won’t make it to the Selah Market today. Send healing vibes to our dear Rissa!!

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GlassDrinkingStraws on Instagram

We Love to take photos and share photos.  Here is our collection.  We don’t just post about glass straws, we post about good food, love, kindness, planet care and so much more!  Our Instagram feed will always have something interesting, something yummy, useful information or bring a smile to your face.


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Plastic Straws – A film in the works

Upcycled curved glass straws

A Film in the works about Plastic Straws

Are you aware of how many plastic straws are used in a day?  Or how they affect the environment?  Have you ever seen what happens when sea creatures get plastic stuck on them or in them?  There is a documentary that is in the works at the moment that tells you a little bit about those things and more.

STRAWS: a documentary film for a sea of change

By Linda Booker


We are really excited about this film.  It seems as though some people have no clue about how many plastic straws are used in a day.  We have been asked many times “What’s so bad about plastic straws?” and when we tell them how many are used in a day and really draw a picture of what that looks like they then say “Wow…I had no idea.  That is a problem.”  This film is really important for the awareness of plastic straw pollution.

We are very happy to say that we are a proud supporter of this film.  We donated some of our Elegant Curves glass straws as well as our Sea Turtle Love glass straws.  The Sea Turtle Love glass straw was created for some backers of the Kickstarter for the film.  If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter campaign here is the link STRAWS Kickstarter Campaign.   Check the link out and if you can donate.  There are some really cool rewards when you donate.

Here is the link to their website, Check it out

Much love to you all!  We hope that your summer adventures are treating you well and that you help reduce the plastic straw pollution by saying “No thank you” to those plastic straws.  Bring your own straw!  Glass, steel or bamboo straws are all better than plastic.

sea turtle glass straw, helping reduce the amount of plastic straws
Sea Turtle Love Glass Straw. Help reduce plastic straws with glass straws.
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Newest addition to the Glass Straw Family

Meet the newest member of the Glass Straw Family!

Newest member of the glass straw family - Aurora Alis
Newest member of the glass straw family – Aurora Alis

Aurora Alis

Just wanted to share with you the newest member of our glass straw family.  Once she is big enough and needing a straw it will be Glass Straws all the way.

On March 1 at 12:59pm Aurora Alis was brought into this wonderful world.  She was scheduled for March 10 but she couldn’t wait that long.  We all had this feeling that she wasn’t going to wait.  She was ready to be held in our arms instead of the womb.  She is now 11 days old and doing great!

Aurora is a healthy little baby girl.  When she was born she was 8 pounds and 21.5 inches long.  She just had a check up at her doctors and she is now 8 pounds 6 ounces.  And since she is doing so well she doesn’t have to go back until her 2 month check up.  We couldn’t be happier.

The Joy of Raising a Baby

We’re glad you joined our family,
Yet some things make us wonder;
How can a little package like you
Have a voice that’s loud as thunder?

You are so small and oh so cute,
But you are never very shy,
For whenever you want something brought to you,
You just open your mouth and cry.

First you moved on hands and knees,
Then you were up on your feet.
We’re chasing you all around the house;
We’re tired; we need a retreat!

Your food is smeared over the table;
Your food is on the floor;
Seems the only place food didn’t go,
Is in the baby we adore.

Diapers here and diapers there,
Stinky… smelly… Whew!
Diapers would have done us in,
If we didn’t love you as we do.

We’re glad you joined our family,
You’re a unique and wonderful treasure.
So, despite the work of raising you,
Being your parents is a total pleasure!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Much love to you all!!


DSG – Drinking Straws . Glass

Aurora Alis
Aurora Alis