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Old people… I love them..


Love, love, love… I just Love this and old people… This makes me smile…

How about you?  Didn’t this just make you smile?  I know it did me and I look forward to growing old and being cute.  Glad I have a good partner to grow old with.  Growing old with someone you love. Priceless.


Wishing you all love and light!  Enjoy your life, your family, your friends, your loved ones….

*** Don’t forget…. 500 MILLION Plastic Straws are used daily in the United States!  How sad and horrible is that!?

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Update on the New Goats!

Update on the new goats.

The three girl Goats are settling in just fine here at DrinkingStraws.Glass.  The first couple of days we made sure to keep them inside the pen so they wouldn’t wonder off.  A new place is always scary and we live in the woods and so they could easily get lost.  I’m a worrier. Lol.

The other day we left them run free for a few and they did great!  They didn’t wonder off and just were stoked to run free.  When it was time for them to come inside they came in without a fight.

Another positive note is that they aren’t as scared of us anymore!!  Now when we come to say “Hello” they greet us. (they also think we have a yummy treat for them, lol)

We did have a scare the other day though.  They found the Rhododendron bush and decided to munch on it.  Well, that will kill them if not treated in time.  We were up until at least 1:30 am making sure Godiva was feeling better.  All 5 goats ate some but only a few were sick, Godiva was the worst.

I, Kattie, decided to cut down all them bushes!  Our goats will no longer be tempted to eat them! So now if we are up till 1 am it will be for another reason.  :p

Love the farm life!!!

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Giveaway on Facebook!!

Facebook Giveaway up!!!
Head on over to our Facebook page and enter our giveaway.  We have 4 clear glass straws with 2 Heart accent glass straws that are for grabs.  All you have to do is a few simple things.  And there is even a chance at an additional entry.   🙂
I hope to see some fresh new faces.  I love people and reaching out.  And the best part for me is to give you stuff!!  I love FREE!!!
Here’s a link to our Facebook page
**** There are 500 MILLION Plastic Drinking Straws that are being used daily in the United States alone!
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No plastic straw for Audri ☆

lunch date no plastic straw

No Plastic Straw Here!

No plastic straw for Audri!!  It really helps when you bring your own straw to remember not to use plastic straws.  Audri doesn’t get much soda so when we go out she gets to sport her glass straw while she drinks her soda.

Even at 14 years old she sees the impact that plastic straws make.

Did you know that there are 500 MILLION Plastic Straws that are used daily in the US?  Yep, that’s true and very sad.  If we all work together we can make a difference.  Get a reusable alternative and say good-bye to those gross plastic straws once and for all!
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Lunch date with the Family

Lunch date with the family.

We got a text message this morning from Jeremy’s mom wondering if we would like to meet up and finally get our Christmas presents.
She doesn’t live close so we met half way for both of us. Fall City is where we ended up. Nice little town with a Thrift Shop and a Flea Market open on Sunday.
We decided to eat lunch before we hit the shops. Lunch was great.  Raging River Cafe and Club I believe was the name. Good food and good service. We decided for a tip we would leave a couple dollars and a Glass Straw. The waitress loved it, not sure if she’d seen a glass straw before.
All in all it was a great day!

lunch date no plastic straw

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New Goats are home!!

Welcome Home

Welcome Home beautiful ladies.
This is China Doll


China Doll (pink collar) SnowDancer (looking at you)



China Doll, SnowDancer and White Chocolate Godiva.  (Godiva wasn’t too into the ride)


The Goats are finally here!!!
Welcome Home lovely Ladies!  They are very sweet yet unsure of people.  The car ride on the way home was very relaxing.  All three of them just stayed in their spots most of the drive.  Every once in a while they would have to shift around and that would get interesting.  (they would nip at one another, and I’m not used to goats doing that)  The funniest part for me on the drive was to see people’s reaction to seeing Goats in the back of a car.  Oh my!! People would have their cell phones out and even have to roll down their window just to get a better look.  Cracks me up!!!!
The Girls just aren’t used to people so the next few days are going to get interesting.  I will try to blog as much as I can.  Everyday is a step forward.  🙂  And if you are a farmer you know that life is really busy, exspecially if you work a full time job and farm!  Oh boy!
Much Love!


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Good News! 3 More days=New goats!!

Good news!

Good News! We talked with the lady who we are getting the goats from and in 3 days or less we will be getting our new goats.  They will get to ride in the Subaru which is a treat for all goats.  We get some crazy looks from people on the highway with goats in the back.  They are always taking pictures.  🙂  Two of the goats that we are bringing back will be pregnant.  Godiva and Dancer are their names.  We look forward to having them in our home.

Good News More goats

Oh in case you were wondering we are getting Saanen Goats 🙂

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Tacoma Wedding Expo

Tacoma Wedding Expo


Planning a Wedding? Tacoma Wedding Expo!

What a day!  I was running a little bit behind and was worried that I had missed all the action in Tacoma at the Wedding Expo.  But sure enough, I didn’t.  This was my first Expo and so I had no idea what to expect.  It was Awesome!!!
I didn’t have a booth and so I just walked around seeing what was there and talked to as many people as I could.  Finding out what they did along with tell them why I was there.  I was not too surprised to see that there were NO Glass Straws anywhere.  The response I got from everyone was amazing.  I definitely want to get a booth next time, not only to see all the cool folks that come in but to have more time with the other vendors.  
There were so many cool vendors there that I wanted to get married again/renew my vows just so I could maybe have some of them at my wedding.  Even though there were many photographers there I was struck by a few of them.  I just wish I could remember their names!!!  Names are so hard for me….
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My first blog, Just me. Hello


I figured I would create a blog just for me.   🙂  I, Kattie do most of the blogging and so I decided I should create a blog just for me.  My thoughts and my day, not just about the Glass Straws.  Of course I will also talk about glass straws but here I will blog more about my day.  My adventures here on the homestead of DrinkingStraws.Glass.  Our goats, our cat and our family adventures.   I am excited to write about our days here.  To share the love we have here.

I not only love things made of glass and all other creations homemade but I make Colorful Robes with awesome hoods.  I love to sew and one day I hope to have all my clothes made by myself or people that I have met along my journey.


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Who is DrinkingStraws.Glass?? The Family behind the Business.



Hello from Us!

Here we are.  This is the family.  Jeremy (Pa), Kattie Blu (Ma), and Audri (Kid).  Just figured I would give a shout out and say hello.  Kattie is who does most of the blogging but we all help out.  Audri takes care of the goats before and after school.  And last but not least Jeremy is the glass blower in the family.  His skills are what makes our business go.  Us girls can just help along the way until we learn how to work the flame.  🙂

We all play a very important role in making sure our household flows.  Helping one another is the only way to go.  Family is wonderful and I am glad I have mine.  We would do whatever we could for one another.  Watching our family grow over the years is going to be a lot of fun.

We hope that everyone has a great 2015!  It will be a wonderful year, I can feel it!!!!

***Remember if we all come together we can make a difference.  Lets combine forces and Say “No” to Plastic Straws.  Get a reusable alternative.  We prefer Glass but get what you like as long as it is not Plastic!