Playtime for the goat kids at DrinkingStraws.Glass

Goat Kids Oh how these kids have grown.  They don’t look like this anymore, they are a whole lot fatter!  They sure are some happy brothers.  The older they get the funnier they are.  Its a lot of fun to just watch them as they play around. When it starts to get dark they know […]

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!   Happy 2015 🙂 Happy New Year!!!! May the New Year be great. We Love you all! www.DrinkingStraws.Glass Wishing you all the happiness you can have! Please treat Mother Earth with Love and Respect.  Next time you grab a Single Use Plastic, think about it.  Can you use something reusable? Save our Oceans […]

Contest up on our Facebook page DrinkingStraws.Glass

Bringing in the New Year with a Contest!!   Contest time! Head on over to our Facebook page, DrinkingStraws.Glass to enter.  (link at bottom) You will have a chance to win 2 Exclusive Heart Accent glass straws along with 4 clear glass straws!!  All are 9.5mm diameter and approx.  8″ in length. Click here for […]

Exclusive Accents on our Eco-Friendly reusable Glass Drinking Straws.

Eco-Friendly Glass Drinking Straws Want something that truly defines your home or business? How about custom eco-friendly glass straws that capture the essence and ambiance of your venue. Our master craftsmen can help create the perfect set for you. Each straw is hand crafted with unique custom accents that set each piece aside as a […]

Goats currently at DrinkingStraws.Glass (goats and glass straws lol)

We here at DrinkingStraws.Glass not only make Eco-Friendly glass drinking straws but we also raise goats naturally and organically.  We currently have 3 goats.  Cola, (the Mama) and two kids, Chevon (her kid) and Buddy.  In the next month we will be adding to our herd with three more goats.  Two of which will be […]

Beautiful Words by Thea Craft

Beautiful Words by Our Friend THEA CRAFT   “Nestled among the mossy conifers of the regal Pacific Northwest,  DrinkingStraws.Glass family’s roots in the cascade mountains are as deep as the firs’. Drawing from their lush environment to inspire wondrous works in glass that rejoin functionality and aesthetic to offer an elegant array of glass wares […]