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DrinkingStraws.Glass New Website Soon!

DrinkingStraws.Glass New Website Soon!!!!   From us here at DrinkingStraws.Glass, We are all excited here for the new layout of the new website.  Something fresh and new, that is a little bit more our style.  We found an awesome web designer who just so happens to be someone we know.  That is even better.  We […]

Update on the New Goats!

Update on the new goats. The three girl Goats are settling in just fine here at DrinkingStraws.Glass.  The first couple of days we made sure to keep them inside the pen so they wouldn’t wonder off.  A new place is always scary and we live in the woods and so they could easily get lost. […]

New Goats are home!!

Welcome Home Welcome Home beautiful ladies. This is China Doll   China Doll (pink collar) SnowDancer (looking at you)     China Doll, SnowDancer and White Chocolate Godiva.  (Godiva wasn’t too into the ride)   The Goats are finally here!!!   Welcome Home lovely Ladies!  They are very sweet yet unsure of people.  The car […]

Playtime for the goat kids at DrinkingStraws.Glass

Goat Kids Oh how these kids have grown.  They don’t look like this anymore, they are a whole lot fatter!  They sure are some happy brothers.  The older they get the funnier they are.  Its a lot of fun to just watch them as they play around. When it starts to get dark they know […]