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Glass Straw? What would I drink with them….

Glass Straw? What would I drink with that?

Glass Straw?  I was just doing a little online research this evening and I came across this article that I found interesting.  It tells you 6 Drinks for Glass Straws. Its a fun little read and I suggest reading it.  Made me have to go fill up my Glass Jar with some Water and put my Glass Straw in it.  I love just sitting on the couch surfing the net looking for cool finds.

I hope you enjoy the read as well.  And I would love to know what you like to drink with your Glass Straw.  Go to our Facebook page and let us know.  🙂


glass straws
love with glass straws

**Please think about how many plastic straws you have used in your lifetime already.  Now is the time to do something about it and get an alternative.  Glass straws are a great way to do just that!

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Giveaway on Facebook!!

Facebook Giveaway up!!!
Head on over to our Facebook page and enter our giveaway.  We have 4 clear glass straws with 2 Heart accent glass straws that are for grabs.  All you have to do is a few simple things.  And there is even a chance at an additional entry.   🙂
I hope to see some fresh new faces.  I love people and reaching out.  And the best part for me is to give you stuff!!  I love FREE!!!
Here’s a link to our Facebook page
**** There are 500 MILLION Plastic Drinking Straws that are being used daily in the United States alone!
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Happy 2015!

happy 2015

Happy 2015!


Happy 2015 🙂
Happy New Year!!!!
May the New Year be great.
We Love you all!
Wishing you all the happiness you can have! Please treat Mother Earth with Love and Respect.  Next time you grab a Single Use Plastic, think about it.  Can you use something reusable? Save our Oceans and Wildlife.  Help reduce our Plastic Pollution.  Make a Change and Make a Difference!
Much Love!