Glass Drinking Straws are a relatively new concept and we’re sure you have quite a few questions! Take a little time to look through these frequently asked questions and if you’re still scratching your head then

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Are glass straws safe?

We get this question ALOT! It’s normal to hear glass and think breakable! While any glass is ultimately breakable our annealed (strengthened) borosilicate glass, a synthesis of silica and boron trioxide, is the strongest glass available, and is produced to top industry standards in order to ensure years and years of use. We are so sure that our straws can hold up to daily use and travel that we send them off with a lifetime guarantee! We also have stringently inspect each straw for any sort of defect that could be potentially dangerous.

I’ve seen reusable straws made from other materials, why should I go for glass?

It’s true that reusable straws are available in other materials including metal and different qualities of glass. One downside to metal straws is that they conduct temperature so if you’re drinking something cold your straw will get cold… and the same goes for hot! They can also leave your taste buds with a lingering metallic taste which isn’t exactly savory. You may have also seen colored glass straws on the market, we recommend that you are careful with these products as the elements that create the color in them can leach into your drinks and be harmful to your health.

How do I clean them?

All of our straws are dishwasher safe. They are all sold with a cleaning brush included. Our clear glass design allows you to see if there is any residual gunk being left behind. Cleaning them is easy to do but if it’s not something you want to do between beverages consider getting two or three!

What happens if it breaks?

No problem! If it breaks simply send us a picture and we will send you a new one! You just pay S&H and for an additional accent if you want one! Our straws are STURDY but we always always recommend purchasing a handmade, organic cotton carrying case to keep your straw safe and easily accessible. IF you lose your straw? We can sell you a new one 🙂

Do you already have a reusable cup that you want to fit?

First, measure the diameter (the width across) of the opening your straw will need to fit through.

Then, measure the height of your cup to determine which length of straw will be ideal for you!

Will you be using your straw to slurp up thick and creamy smoothies?

Grab our smoothie straw which will get all that healthy goodness from your cup to your mouth!

Do you order most of your drinks to go?

Are you always on the road? The majority of single use plastic waste is generated with take out and to-go options. If you find yourself getting plastic straws when you’re out and about we recommend getting a straw for home and one or two for the car! Having at least two car straws is a wise idea so you don’t get stuck with a dirty one! Integrating healthier habits into your life will take a little time and effort so by making sure you’re covered ahead of time the switch will be fast and easy!

Have you considered your office or work?

Because each of our straws include a cleaning brush it’s easy to keep a straw at work clean and ready to us! Stamping single use plastic our of your life is easy if you are prepared and well equipped for the switch! Are there other places you spend a lot of time that would be wise to keep stocked with a glass straw? Maybe one to keep in your gym bag for those post-workout protein smoothies?

Is your whole family sipping?

How many people besides you are slurping up their drinks? Don’t leave anyone out! Our straws are safe for children of all ages and we know they’ll love having their own personal straw as well as creating a strong eco-awareness from a young age! We have family starter packs available as well as carrying case that can accommodate multiple straws so that even when you’re on the road your family will be able to stay away from single use plastics.

Want to express yourself with an accent?

We have many different accents to choose from! Our three accents that are available on any of our straws are three simple dots, our spiral wrap, and our double spiral design. We also offer more detailed accents ranging from sea turtles to whale tails! Check out our accent page in the shop section to see all of our designs and keep an eye out for our engraving option coming soon!!

What size is the opening?

If your cup opening is between 7mm and 9.4mm you should opt for the lil’ sipper. Our narrowest in diameter at 7 mm the lil’ sipper comes in four different lengths.This is also the diameter that works great for Starbucks cups:





If your cup has a straw opening with a diameter between 9.5 mm and 11.9 mm or if you’re currently using a ” standard tumbler” cup, or a Pioneer Woman tumbler cup.Our ‘standard’ size should do the trick.It has a diameter of 9.5 mm and comes in three different lengths:




If your cup’s straw opening is between 12 mm and 15.9 mm then you’ll want to pick up our smoothie size. Our smoothie size has a diameter of 12 mm and comes in three different lengths:




If you are a Boba or Bubble tea lover or your cup’s straw opening has a diameter of 16 mm or larger then you’ll want to get our Boba straw which are available in two different lengths:



Do you need a bend in your straw?

Is a straight straw just not going to work for you? Our line of “elegant curves” offers our high quality glass straw with a beautiful and accessible arc for your drinking ease. Our “elegant curves” straws comes in our standard 9.5 mm diameter size and our smoothie 12 mm size. Both diameters are available in three different lengths:

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