The overall use of flatsome is very VERY useful. It lacks very few, if any, things! I loved it and have created my first ever website! Best yet, flatsome gets free updates that are great! (and the support is amazing as well!:)

Etsy Review

Investing in some glass drinking straws for everyone you love (including yourself) is a great way to help the planet stay clear of unnecessary plastic use. The straws at are some of the best I’ve used (they’ve lasted me over 4 years). I’ve received straws from other companies that broke in just a few months.


Benefiting the Environment

“I received my glass straw about a year ago and I’ve been using it ever since! I absolutely love this idea and I carry my straw with me everywhere I go: to work, the gym, to restaurants. I even got another straw free along with my purchase. The amount of waste that goes on in the United States alarms me but I’m so happy to know that by doing such a simple thing such as using a glass straw (as opposed to plastic), I am benefitting the environment. It’s that simple. Plus, glass straws come in a variety of styles which make them even cooler! If I could give this idea 100 stars I would. It’s concepts like these simple yet creative straws that could make a big difference in the long run for humanity and our environment.”

Kilee / FL