Blue Checkered Carrying Case


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“From Wasteful to Tasteful”

Our Blue Checkered carrying case is from our “From Wasteful to Tasteful” line of products.  They are made from up-cycled fabric.  Fabric that has been given to us or that we have acquired through the years that we couldn’t just throw away.  We decided to share all these fun fabrics with you so you too could enjoy them just as much as we do.

Since they are up-cycled we have a limited quantity of each one.  We suggest that if you see a pattern you like don’t hesitate because it could be gone tomorrow.  The fabric for these cases are hand picked by us and sewn by us with lots of love.

Each case will fit 10 inch length glass straws that are both straight and curved.  These carrying cases will also fit all of our glass straw diameters.  They fit great in purses or bags to give your glass straw or other reusable straw protection from breakage and to help keep it clean.  You can also fit a cleaning brush in the carrying case along with the straw.

You can choose from either Single Sleeve (for one straw) or Double Sleeve (two straws).  The Double Sleeves work great to bring two different sizes of reusable glass straws.

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Double Sleeve, Single Sleeve


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