Elegant Curves 9.5mm Classic Straws with Cleaning Brush


Curved Glass Straws with Reusable Cleaning Brush

There are no straight lines in nature, capture the earths smooth organic curves in these hand crafted glass straws. A gentle arc to make drinking easier and add a little something extra to your beverages.

Single Straw with reusable cleaning brush- $8.49 Or Buy a set,
Purchase 2 pack with reusable cleaning brush- $15.99
Purchase 4 pack with two reusable cleaning brushes- $24.99
Or Purchase 8 pack with four reusable cleaning brushes for only $46.99! (best value)



Curved Glass Straws with Reusable Cleaning Brush

These beautiful clear glass bendy straws make up our Elegant Curves line of glass straws. Just a touch extra for that enjoyable sipping experience!

They are 9.5 mm Diameter glass bendy straws and the inside diameter on these glass straws is about the same as most standard drinking straws and can come in a variety of lengths.

Wondering how easy they are to clean?  We use high quality borosilicate glass which makes them extremely durable and dishwasher safe.  No dishwasher?  That’s okay, we include a reusable cleaning brush with every single straw.  We try to make cleaning them a breeze.

Our smooth bends with no folds in our Curved Straws ensure maximum strength and durability.

Glass straws are an excellent Eco-Friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws while being easy to clean and reusable. Add on a carrying case and bring your straw everywhere you go!

There are way too many plastic straws being used in a day (500 MILLION) and we are just trying to reduce that number.  If we all see that there is an alternative out there then we will start to make a change.  All it takes is to remember to say “No Straw Please” when eating or drinking out.  And if you bring your own reusable straw you will still have a straw to use.  Lets reduce the amount of single use plastics and refuse plastic straws!

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8 Inches (standard), 6.25 Inches (cocktail), 10 Inches


4 Pack with Cleaning Brush, 8 Pack with Two Cleaning Brushes, Single


9.5 mm Diameter


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