Glass Lovers Variety Pack with Carrying Case


Glass Straw Lovers!

Comes with 4 pack Carrying Case with our Lil Sipper 8″, Classic 8″, Smoothie 8″ and Boba 8″ Glass straws, 2 cleaning brushes and comes ZERO WASTE


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Glass Lovers Variety Pack!

This pack has all the diameters you may need and a carrying case for all of them or for you to use to carry your reusable utensils.  This has all of our diameters of glass straws in the 8″ length.

Our Lil Sipper, Classic, Smoothie and even Boba!  It comes with 2 cleaning brushes and one of those is big enough to clean the Boba straw.  Also comes with the 4 pack Carrying Case.

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Black, Blue, Green, Havana, Lavender, Mahogany, No Preference, Orange, Plum, Red, Shroom, Teal, Timber, Yellow


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