Glass Straw Travel Set


Glass Straw Travel Set

Take your reusable Glass Straw with you everywhere you go!  This combo is a great way to start your journey away from plastic straws.  This is a Zero-Waste pack so your order will come package free with your straw in your carrying case.

There is a cleaning brush included and your glass straw has a lifetime guarantee.

For $18.99 you get 1 Single Sleeve Carrying Case and 1 Classic 9.5mm or Lil’ Sipper 7mm Glass Straw 8 inches

For $19.99 you get 1 Single Sleeve Carrying Case and 1 Smoothie 12mm Glass Straw 8 inches

Pick your color for your Carrying Case.

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Glass Straw Travel Set

Don’t want to carry around much but don’t want to use a plastic straw when you out on the town?  This Glass Straw Travel Set is perfect for you then!  It is just a Glass Straw and a Carrying Case.  🙂

You have the option of 3 different diameters; 7mm Espresso/Wine Lil’ Sipper,  9.5mm (classic) or 12mm (smoothie) for your Glass Straw and also can choose the color of the Carrying Case.  Your color options are; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Mahogany, Lavender, Teal, Havana, Black, Timber, Shroom, Plum and Orange.  If you have no color preference we will pick one for you.  🙂

Our Carrying Cases are made with Organic Cotton and Natural Batting for the most protection and they fit great in purses or bags.  This case will make it easy to take your glass straw on the go!

A cleaning brush is also included to help make cleaning a breeze.  🙂




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12 mm Diameter, 7 mm Diameter, 9.5 mm Diameter


Black, Blue, Green, Havana, Lavender, Mahogany, No Preference, Orange, Plum, Red, Shroom, Teal, Timber, Yellow


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