Holiday Dots Glass Straw

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Holiday Glass Straws

Red and Green Dots to show off your holiday spirit!

Comes in 3 different diameters and a Cleaning Brush is included.

Happy Holidays!




Want to show off your Holiday spirit?

Check out our Holiday Dots Glass Straw!

You can choose your Diameter of Straw, 7mm (Espresso Sipper), 9.5mm (Classic) and 12mm (Smoothie).  Each straw will have a combination of Red and Green Dots.  A Cleaning Brush is also included!

Give the gift of less plastic this year with a reusable glass straw!  You or the person you gift it to will be making a huge difference for this planet.

500 Million plastic straws are used daily in the US alone and they don’t need to be.  Bringing your own reusable straw will make it so you can refuse the straw when you go out.  Don’t have a carrying case?  No problem!  We make those too!

Additional information


12 mm Diameter, 7 mm Diameter, 9.5 mm Diameter


9 Inches, 8 Inches (standard), 6.25 Inches (cocktail), 10 Inches


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