Lady Bug Custom Accent Glass Straw with Cleaning Brush


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Lady Bug Custom Accent Glass Straw with Cleaning Brush

Nature lover? Want to help with the plastic straw pollution? Our Lady Bug custom accent glass straw is a fun accent for all those Lady Bug fans.  This Custom Accent was handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest.

This glass straw comes in 2 different diameters; 9.5mm (standard) and 12mm (smoothie).  There are 3 different lengths to choose from; 6.25 inches (cocktail), 8 inches (standard), 10 inches (long).  You also get to choose the style; Straight or Curved.

Wondering how easy they are to clean?  We use high quality borosilicate which makes them extremely durable and dishwasher safe.  No dishwasher?  That’s ok, we also included a reusable cleaning brush!

Our packaging is also handmade by us using recycled chipboard and hemp string.  We spend a lot of time, love and energy into our packaging.

There are way too many plastic straws being used in a day (500 MILLION) and we are just trying to reduce that number.  If we all see that there is an alternative out there then we will start to make a change.  All it takes is to remember to say “No Straw Please” when eating or drinking out.  And if you bring your own reusable straw you will still have a straw to use.  Lets reduce the amount of single use plastics and refuse plastic straws!

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12 mm Diameter, 9.5 mm Diameter


8 Inches (standard), 6.25 Inches (cocktail), 10 Inches


Straight, Curved


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